In 2003, the University of Kiel and the State University Saint Petersburg concluded a contract of partnership. On this basis, an intensive international cooperation evolved, which, together with the new Master's programme, offers attractive future prospects for students.

In equivalence to the Master's programme in Kiel the University of Saint Petersburg offers the programme „Германия и Восточная Европа в контексте межъязыкового и межкультурного взаимодействия“. Both programmes imply a term abroad.

The students from Saint Petersburg will spend their second term in Kiel, whereas the students from Kiel spend their third term at the partner university in Saint Petersburg. In this way, you will study together with your fellow students from Russia for two terms. Thus internationality is really acted out and the students will have the chance to improve their intercultural competences and language skills. 

ship in a bottle, matrjoschka

souvenirs from the term abroad: ship in a bottle and Matrjoschka

pictures: pixabay (Shadowrose / 3dman_eu)